Saturday, July 2, 2011

Volunteers at the Mother Teresa's Center

 Volunteers from Italy and Spain: I was really impressed by the young volunteers who came to Calcutta!  They were so kind and we ate out several times as a group.
 Joyce was from Taiwan but worked in Singapore and Adrian worked in Houston...They came to Calcutta on their own...
 Paul( left front) is a young seminarian from Vancouver who also came on his own...Sitting next to him is David from Sweden then Lynn from Sweden also: I spent time with Paul, Lynn and David and we had great conversations!
Leo was from Argentina...We laughed very hard as his shoes (Crocs) were stolen while we were praying in the chapel: we had to remove our shoes before we enter the chapel at Mother Teresa's Convent...One of the sisters gave him another pair of sandals but they were disentegrating and there were pieces of soles on the floor at the restaurant!!!

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